Your giving has never been more important than right now!  image

Your giving has never been more important than right now!

We will be back live onstage in 2021. Your giving helps us get to our goal!

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$60,003 goal

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Fundraising for PLAYHOUSE is VITAL TODAY for our Theatre's TOMORROWS

The Playhouse Merced is focused on raising $40,000 - which allows our Community's Playhouse Theatre to transition back to Fully Re-Opening. We are currently in the process of hiring the staff which is vital for future performances. We are recruiting an Artistic Director and Education Director. We have recently re-hired some long-time, much liked Playhouse community staff:

  • Rachel Battisti, our Youth Outreach Coordinator, has already established and rehearsals are gleaming with the joyous sounds of our Playhouse Children's Choir performing in Merced's Christmas Tree Lane Parade (Dec 4th)
  • Hailey Paulisson was brought back as a very popular Playanywhere Instructor. They are busy this holiday with our Creative Kids Mini Camps for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and Spring school breaks. It's heart warming to hear children's singing and laughter back in the Playhouse Theatre again.
  • We are also proud to introduce Andrew Hardy, another Playanywhere Instructor - who is experienced in working in acting, choreography, and singing.
  • We have also brought back Kyle, our beloved, longtime House Manager, who has been busy maintaining the Theatre while supporting our many Vaccination Clinics, rehearsals, and preparing for our Playhouse for full re-opening in Spring/Summer 2022.
  • Sandra Hay has also returned as our Perennial Players, 50+ acting coach and is already preparing to audition for a Spring performance on the Playhouse Stage!

Your End of the Year and Giving Tuesday Donations are extremely appreciated by our Playhouse Merced, as we are not fully open yet, however, we do need staff to prepare for and slowly bring back our many programs, such as our Youth Conservatory, Perennial Players, Playanywhere program, and our live theatre performances.

The Playhouse needs donations to support the transition from being covid closed with monthly bare bones operating costs of $12,000 to a transition of re-opening budget including part time staff and the critical hiring of an Artistic Director and Education Director, to bring our community the live performances and classes we have all greatly missed.

Your End of the Year- Giving Tuesday donations will make sure Playhouse will continue to Engage, Enrich, Educate and Entertain today and tomorrow.


  • In-person Mini Camps and Perennial Player Classes
  • Playanywhere 2 week after school classes and performances for local area school districts, Atwater, Snelling, Merced
  • Paying the monthly expenses (facilities, staff, programming)
  • Hire dynamic, creative Artistic leadership and Education leadership and staff for complete re-opening
  • Make a better theater-going experience with our new seats, upgraded sound system, and hospitality amenities